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Courtney Crosslin – Intuitive Lifestyle & Business Design Strategist

By Courtney: THOTreaderTM | BadAsStrategist | Respectability Spirituality Abolitionist restoring 100+ yrs old house (aka the Spiritual Launch Pad) | #FarFromRegular | #haveAwonderful

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ROOTwork Details:

* The Legal Suff: For Entertainment Purposes Only

Energy “readings” are not what most think. It’s not having your mind read. To put it simply, it’s using higher levels of senses and intuition to connect and FEEL your energy.

  • My gifts (as of today 🙂 ) include but are not limited to the following extrasensory perception/sixth senses:
    • clairalience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, mediumship, retrocognition, precognition, remote viewing and a few more.
  • I don’t normally need a photo, but may ask for one prior to our reading, so please have one ready.
  • I’ve been asked a few time now so I guess I should add here – Sorry but I do not read cards only energy.
  • If you are running late, I will hold energetic space NO longer than 10 minutes after our scheduled time. After 15 minutes, you will need to reschedule.
  • During our exchange, PLEASE give your undivided attention. (This means, please refrain from other conversations or messaging.)
  • My “readings” can be long – up to an hour or more.
  • If you only want to know about a partner (if they’re the one), I’m probably not the ‘reader’ for you. These energy exchanges are about you and the root of the problem. I only work with women who feel stuck and are not afraid to do inner-work. We’ll work to uncover the energy that is causing a block in your life.
  • I cuss. Not at you, but I just happen to be a woman who cuss’  so if you’re afraid of a few bombs, I’m probably not the one for you. We’ve work to do and no time for “spiritual” respectability politics.
  • I work differently than some others you’ve gone to. I don’t do spell/rootwork in the traditional sense but have a list of Sistahs that I can recommend.
  • I feel the root of the problem not the problem itself. This sometimes that means I feel and share things you may not want to hear. Because I hear what you’re really feeling — the essence of the issue(s) and not what you say or even what you think to be the actual issue. It’s a process. If you’re not open to that that process, I’m probably not the reader for you.
  • The reading is done via Facebook messenger or Skype. When necessary, I will ask if we can speak by phone.