Notice: Rip Off Report

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April 2017


It has been brought to my attention that a past client reported my services to the R.O. Report.

Upon further investigation, I made the decision not to challenge their claim — as it is correct to a certain extent. Their claim that I did not complete the work is correct, however they failed to note that ONLY a portion of the project was not completed due to their requests for work that was outside the scope of the original contract.

You’ll notice that their names (two women from Connecticut) did not add their names nor contact information to this “complaint” of theirs about me.

Backstory: Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances in their lives, they were not able to move forward with the site build within the time-framed agreed upon and ceased communication (by not sending the necessary images, content, etc). When I finally heard from them again, they communicated that they were ready to move forward. I agreed to complete the work, but they wanted to continue and complete the project on a new schedule that worked best for them, but did not align with other projects I had taken on. As web developers, consultants and project managers know, clients often miss deadlines outlined in agreements, thus creating a negative domino effect.

Although I explained the reasons I could not drop other projects to complete theirs and offered alternative dates (even offering to have my then assistant take on the project), they were not pleased with the options  and we were unable to reach an agreement. As a result, they submitted their complaint.

Though an unfortunate situation, I believe it was a learning experience for both sides. I also believe that my past and current works/professional relationships show that this was an isolated incident. With over 10 years in this field, this was only 1 out of many client’s who were not satisfied with my service.

If you are interested in hiring me or would like documentation or further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.




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