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August 2017

A lot of people have asked me, “Where have you been?” My response, “Where do I start?

I’ll start with — My life path number is 9, my birth card is the 6♣ AND I am a Sag/Sag/Cap. My totem animals include the chameleon, purple dragons, cockroaches, and dragonflies. For my mystical folks who ‘read,’ know these things alone says A LOT). For all others…


The interview below was conducted back in 2014/2015 by Don M. — A brilliant mind and dear friend I met during my life in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was living in Brooklyn at the time of the interview, but I had already been around the block a few times by then 🙂

Want to know more? Start with me in Connecticut. From there let’s move on to Utah, New York, Arizona, Georgia, and then dig into why pretty much walked away from certain people, places, things, and outdated beliefs. [More on each coming soon.]

Update: I’ve all but stepped away from social media training and social justice (organizing) work. 10 years later I still work with the same organization around healing and I’m independently working on building legacy and foundations.

“Background: Courtney Crosslin entered the world of entrepreneurship in 2004, the same year she married. By 2006, Courtney was divorced and lost. In 2007, she packed up her car and drove alone across the country to start a new life. Since that time, Courtney has become a successful entrepreneur who helps businesses and individuals design the business and lifestyle of their dreams.”

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