My first move (well, actually not my first-first, but the first after my divorce) was to Connecticut (CT).

I ended up in CT because I transferred with a company I was working for in Arizona. It turned out not to be a good fit and I took a job at a Black radio station and absolutely loved it!

It was the first time I had a Black boss and team.

Unfortunately, the house I was renting was a block away from the beach (and you know how much I love nature and water) and it killed my soul every morning when I would have to put on “office clothes” and drive by that beautiful beach to get to work. I also felt a strong calling to work with Black small businesses in the area teaching them about the importance of having an online presence.

Always being one to follow my gut, I walked into the office one day and gave my boss two weeks notice. He didn’t want me to leave and offered to increase my pay. I agreed, but after a couple more weeks, I realized that more money was not what my soul wanted.

I left, and I left without a plan…

After walking out of the office, I realized that I did not have a backup plan and went into survival mode.

I hit the streets using the skills I learned in sales over the years.

I drove to downtown New Haven, parked my car and started walking. I walked into every Black owned business I passed and asked them if they needed a website. My last stop of the day was at a Black owned bookstore owned by the infamous Bea (Hi Bea!).

I gave my pitch…

She listened, like a mother would and then politely and warmly said, “Sorry no I don’t need one but I know someone who does.” She explained that she had a good friend who was starting a nonprofit and they were looking for a Black person who could assist them.

That was over 10 years ago and I still work with that organization now.

My role with the organization has grown over the years and the founder is like a mother to me now. [More on what it’s been like working to bring an idea of one woman to life, and the growth on a global level.]

To end — I found myself in CT — A place where I started to find me.

In Connecticut, I:

  • found a community full of history;
  • discovered time sharing for the first time and was fortunate enough to interview on of it’s local founders;
  • made lifetime friends with people that I continue to work and play with;
  • started the New Haven chapter of the Social Media Club (yes, there was such a thing back then 🙂 ) and held events;
  • really jumped into volunteering even running a fundraising campaign for United Way of Greater New Haven;
  • started a website for people in the Black community, which resulted in a decent amount of news coverage, success and my first hard lesson in working with a business partner; and
  • more…

After leaving CT, I hit the road to travel and explore.

Traveling across the country alone was by far, one of the most liberating experiences.

Random videos (playlist) from my life in CT


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