*UPDATE: This project has ended and I am no longer the holder of the domain. went under which forced me to move all of my video content to Youtube. Which also meant I lost viewership and view count. By that time I had moved to New York and had no desire to start over. To view old videos, visit click here.


Blazin AZ tv is an on-demand web series showcasing a collection of Arizona’s Hottest people, places and things that launched April 1, 2010.

We feature local entrepreneurs, trailblazers and businesses. Created to educate, inspire, entertain and inform, Blazin AZ tv is designed to connect and reach a diverse audience through the use of new media.


We believe that the sharing of ideas and concepts is essential for continual growth. Our hope is to encourage those with dreams of walking the path less traveled and to support those who already have.

Sharing Is Caring: