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Boundaries and B*tches

September 22, 2017

[Summary: How to not be a Broke Busted Bruja!]

Ten years of being self-employed, I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all.

Mostly good.

Some bad.

Often unbelievable.

However, one thing has been consistent – Being a B**ch!

You see — When you’re a woman — Especially a Black woman — Especially a Black woman in the industry I’ve mostly worked in — You’re a B**ch no matter what you do — Especially when you set boundaries.

One of the reasons I got out of doing websites for folks is because it’s really a pain in the ass. Unless you’re working with large organizations that can pay you enough to cover your yearly expenses, most web designers/developers have several different clients at once.

And yeah, one big client who can secure the bag like that sounds nice, but they come with big headaches.

Dealing with multiple web and/social media clients at once requires exceptional time and project management skills. All it takes is one glitch or a missed deadline to throw you off, causing a domino effect.

Unfortunately, clients do not understand this.

Yes, a client should feel like they are your one and only, especially when they are paying well and didn’t ask for a discount.

Then there are the others — Those who want the world for a couple of hundred dollars — Those who forget they agreed to submit content, etc. within an agreed upon time — Those who agreed to a set number of changes — Those who forget that life does not stop just because they decided to start a business (because cars will continue to break down, they will get sick, dogs will eat their plans, etc).

Whew! Yes, I’ve heard it all.

And when those type of clients want the world to stop, they want you to wait on them. And you can, if you want to go broke and have all of your other clients hate you.

So you must hold the line. You MUST set boundaries. You must pull out those receipts (aka contract/project agreements). You MUST get okay with saying No (period).

You MUST be okay with being called a Bitch. Because they will.

And they may take the route like a past client of mine did and report you to a trash complaint site. Trash because it allows those complaining to do so anonymously.

Can you say cowards? (and more on this word later…)

So to end, don’t be afraid to be that B*tch with Boundaries!

Your sanity and pocketbook and the good long-term clients will thank you later.

Oh! If you do ever have the pleasure of dealing with someone who cares enough to anonymously report you, here is why you probably don’t want to respond.

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