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Comfort Zones: Don’t Be That Bird

December 20, 2017

so yesterday i’m out, doing some “work.”

it starts to get late and i decide to head back to the city.

knowing that i’d be tired once i got home, i decided to try and finish a video for the class.

well in the middle of the video, this happened!

yes – i was (as old folks would say), “some place i didnt have any business” (basically out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of hunters)

i wake this morning laughing about it and i hear, “don’t be that bird!”

so yeah — DONT BE THAT BIRD!

you see, the hunters (predators) go where there’s some good hunting (prey). the prey go where they always go. yes natural instinct, but not every single bird, deer, etc is caught.

be that animal off in the cut, watching the rest of the other fools run right in the same trap they KNOW is laid out in the same place every single year.

*kinda like:
— these religious/spiritual “leaders” who wanna tell you what to do but they’re unhealthy, unstable, dont have a pot to piss in (basically dealing with generational curses)
— a lot of these “activist” and “organizers” who continue to organize and resist like it’s still 1950 or show up to the same locations and act surprised/upset when the authorities are already there.*

if my spiritual/physical liberation is in the hands of those too afraid to step out of their comfort zones and do something different and truly radical, imma be that bird over there building my nest away from the hamster wheel.

dont blindly follow everyone. issa trap


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