Now Offering Same Day Support Calls

February 11, 2018

Call 914-816-1129 or Skype @ haveAwonderful

Cost: $25 for 30 minutes

Just call or Skype to confirm my availability. Once I’ve answered, you will be asked to make your payment at

NOTE: This service is not an Intuitive/Energy/Psychic Reading. It is for those:

  • who have things they need to get off their chest
  • needing clarity on dreams or synchronicity
  • feeling a shift and think it may be a spiritual awakening
  • who have questions about ascension symptoms
  • wanting to know more about twin flames, soulmates, soul family/tribes, false twins, catalysts, etc.
  • feeling like “Alice in Wonderland”
  • who simply need someone to talk to

Just take a look at my IG and you’ll will see that there’s not much I’ve not been through along my journey. I guess you can say I’m a chameleon and I make it a point to be 100% authentic (only sharing and speaking on things I’ve personally experienced).

I look forward to chatting with you!

Skype @ haveAwonderful

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