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PART 1: Work WITH the energy, not against it

February 1, 2018

[Original Post Facebook: December 2, 2017]

If you’ve “read” with me, you know that I always say, “Work WITH the energy, not against it.”

Sometimes we drive ourselves crazy and get stressed out by:
– ignoring the signs we’ve been asking for
– ignoring the support from Goddess/God/Source/Ancestors/Universe… we’ve been asking for
– asking for one thing but doing counter active/productive shit that hinders our growth
– wanting someone to do the work for us while still wanting to reap the benefits
– not even recognizing everyday miracles because they don’t look like the Hollywood versions

Yesterday I found myself getting a little tight because the zipcar near me hasn’t been available. I finally called customer service and was told it was moved.

My initial reaction was, “UGH!”

Then I realized that it was actually a good thing for three reasons:
1. I live in a beautiful walkable neighborhood and I’m lazy which means I RARELY leave my area…and I knew Spirit has been moving me to get out more…but like I said, I’m lazy and spoiled with my little piece of heaven.
2. I wasn’t a fan of that particular car anyway. It was a Golf then they switched it out for some little piece of tin that had no GO. 🙂
3. Tight body.

And 3 is what I want to talk about first…

Because I spend a lot of time with myself (in solitude), I’m able to notice a lot of small things (on this “journey”) at happens to many things most of us ignore or don’t notice.

The main one: Physical Changes

I’ve always been slim and as some would say, “look like I actually workout.” Yes, I stay physically active and do TONS of walking, but a hit the gym, etc kinda person, I am not.

Still with “Spiritual” growth, I’ve noticed:
1. I’ve more physical strength, balance and flexibility than EVER before.
2. After an intense “download” and/or uncovering of new gifts, my body feels like it’s gone through a VERY intense workout — not pain like after lifting weights, but more of a tightness some feel after an intense yoga session or core work.

What does this have to do with working with energy and not against it? [See PART 2]


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