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PART 2: Work WITH the energy, not against it

February 1, 2018
PART 2: Work WITH the energy, not against it.
Regardless of your belief “system,” you cant deny that you’ve gotten gut feelings and knowing that there’s a time and a place for everything.
— Some who follow astrology might mention retrogrades.
— Christians might associate certain “feelings” and/or celebrations around Holy Days.
— Folks who practice ATR perform certain ceremonies, on specific days and ways.
— Mystics might up their practice around moon cycles, etc
and so on…
You see, it’s easy to get caught up in a title and point a finger and miss a message because their practice or belief doesn’t look like ours. The reality is, they ALL share at least one fundamental fact — certain things are done on certain days!
** Now that was my disclaimer for any who want to discredit MY awareness because you’re not really sure what I practice or believe in.
Moving right along:
As I mentioned in PART 1, I got a little vexed when I found out the car had been moved and I couldn’t run the errands I wanted without having to go a bit further to get a car than before.
Then I realized that what seemed like a slap in the face and inconvenience was actually a blessing in disguise. How?
1) I would have spent more money running around in a car (able to haul more stuff) than I needed to. (Are you someone spending more money than you have just because it’s easy to get around from store to store but you stay complaining about not being able to save?)
2) I had been putting off moving my body and stretching, although I know it increases my ability to womanifest things at a more rapid rate. (Are you someone who has been trying to get in shape/lose weight and had a car breakdown? And instead of just walking to the store, catching the bus, or riding a bike, etc you sit at home stressed and mad at the car and the world?)
3) I needed to breakup my routine because this too also breaks up stagnant energy. ( Are you taking the exact same route to work everyday but wondering why your life seems stagnant or you’re not meeting the folks you need to meet to help make your dream come true?)
So after sucking my teeth at the idea of having to layer up and hit those streets, it dawned on me that I was getting exactly what I had asked for, just not how my lazy and spoiled ass was expecting it.
I wanted the harvest but didn’t want to pick the fruit ALTHOUGH I had already planted the seeds.
I could have blamed the energies of the full moon, Sauturn, the retrograde, y’alls prez, Zipcar, not making enough money to afford my own damn car, etc — which yeah ARE ALL FACTORS BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, but the energies of that day, this past week, and for the next few weeks is not red carpet. It will feel like it’s testing us, and it is — but not all “test” are bad.
It’s an opportunity to slow down (hence shit breaking down), and work on the things we’ve been saying we’ve wanted.
I think it was my sis the other day who said to me, “Iron sharpening iron.” Think of it that way.
I swear to you, much of what we desire, pray for, miracles and magic we seek is just as simple as reading between the lines…looking at it from a different perspective.
So get mad and frustrated if you want, or you can Work WITH the energies, not against it during this time. [See final PART 3]
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