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"So many great things have become of our "chance meeting" that I find it difficult to believe it was just that.Courtney, you have opened my mind in ways that only our encounter could have.Life is all about the things you've mentioned. Risks, acceptance, experience, struggles and triumphs.You and I are positive proof that blind faith in people can bring something more beautiful than we, in our wildest dreams, could imagine.I am so grateful to you for your openness, trust, acceptance, kind heart and patience.You are truly an inspiration to me and have been a wonderful mentor. I will forever hold the experiences we've had close to my heart and use the lessons learned to guide myself, and offer perspective to others.I can't wait to see you again. I have a big hug waiting for you, my Sister.I may need more than one chapter to attempt to convey the magic that you've shared.Time to start, I think...Lance Sterger (May 2014)

Major Confirmation

This reading was supportive and confirming. It was like dealing with an old friend. There were things that synced up with what was going on in my life right down to items I owned in my home. You will NOT be disappointed in a reading from this beautiful goddess. 💜💫

I'm ready

I just finished a reading with Courtney she was so warm, genuine, & encouraging. I just had the worst year of my life and wanted to make sure Im on the right path for a better new year. I have a whole page filled up from my reading and now have a "cheat sheet" to stay on course 😎😜 book with Courtney you won't be disappointed


This is one of the most accurate reading that I have ever received. .. I am speechless. ..Words cannot express the level of gratitude I feel to have been gifted with this reading.. . I will be a repeat client. You won't be disappointed.

Speechless and amazed

Where do I begin...this was the best, most accurrate reading ever! She gave confirmation for what I was feeling in the 1st sentence. She has a rare and beautiful gift. I could have talked to her til infinity because she was so comforting. She didnt get anything wrong. She explained what I was feeling without asking any questions. The truth, the way and the light. I'll be back for more! Thank you Courtney!! Blessings to you

Laid Back & So Much Fun

Had such an amazing time with Courtney. She put me at ease right away, the reading had a very relaxed vibe. Courtney was very on point and helpful. She gave me insight on my spiritual growth and what steps I could take next in my spiritual journey. I also laughed a lot! I had fun, time flew by. Thanks again for sharing your light, Sis, you are amazing! I had a wonderful time 💖✨


Courtney was so on point and honest .. Very accurate.. No general or vague statements. Clear to the point and informative. I am impressed and thankful for her.

by Daneyale Udjah Queen on Quintessence (Energy) Readings
Just What I NEEDED, Beyond Satisfied, Grateful!!

Reading beyond being on point. This Goddess is so full of Divine elevation I cried the entire session and she gave me strength throughout the entire session. The reading was what I NEEDED!! Ahhh, like a revitalizing session of O2 (oxygen) breathed into my being. That which seemed so hindering now I can face knowing the BIGGER PICTURE. I laughed in the end and embraced my tears. Invest in her, she is WELL WORTH IT!! Peace, Love and Divine Elevation Always!!❤💚💜💙💛

by Favored Queen on Quintessence (Energy) Readings
Insightful & Refreshing

Courtney came through with insightful info wayyyy before my actual reading. My next stop is to get my dishwasher repaired! She gave biz advice, cleared, and confirmed ideas in my life! The "exchange" was really effortless. Thank you Love!

by Tammy Amethyst Rain on Quintessence (Energy) Readings
I got my reading today

She was awesome and everything was dead on she even gave me advice 💙

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