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“Reading” Wax: Metamorphosis, Planetary Seals, Elemental Magic

October 16, 2017

[I mostly share this because I see so much division between people when it comes to spirituality, religion and other beliefs systems. It’s actually pretty sad because if one opens up enough to learn outside of what you were born into, you’ll find that many of us have more in common than not.]


  1. I randomly bought new candles the other day
  2. Let burn while meddling around the house
  3. Walk past it before sitting down to eat and this is what i saw

Now, I’ve never even considered reading wax before, but y’all had me curious so I went for it – can’t hurt to add another craft to the list right?

Like most things, it’s really about using/training your intuition and not the thing itself.

As I’ve said before,  reading flames, cards, pictures, candles, wax, etc. never called me so when I sat down to meditate on it, the Sagittarius in me came out and I was like, “F’ this! I know what I’m good at and this ain’t my thing!” LOL – but my higher self told me to sit there. I did and got “portals”.

Sitting there a bit longer and the snake tattoo on my ankle popped into my head (which has been there so long, i forget that it’s there). sat there for a few more moments and heard metamorphosis.



I head on over to ole trusty google to look for “metamorphosis symbols” and find some pics!

Looking up “planetary magic,” “elemental magic” it all MAKES SOOO MUCH SENSE as it’s very similar to how I practice my crafts.

I kept getting messages and ultimately get a connection with Oko and Osumare and why did i see a rainbow today when out running around. now i’m going to have to write about this.

Last but not least, this all then lead me to reading on the 7 levels consciousness and of course 7 chakras.

For now that’s it. You can find some resources and quotes below if you’re interested in digging deeper.


“Planetary Seals: Just as each magick square brings in planetary energy, each planet has a sigil or seal that is designed to block that planet’s energy. Imagine the magick square as the accelerator and the planetary seal as the brakes. Blocking a planet’s energy can be useful in times of retrograde, or when your desired intent is to block the negative effects of a planet. Lets look at Mercury for this example. Many people are effected dramatically when mercury goes retrograde. One of the most common things most often adversely impacted Mercury retrograde is communication. If for example you had a meeting that was important to your career during a Mercury retrograde, you could block the mercury energy by placing the planetary seal over the magick square of Mercury, thus eliminating the effects of Mercury retrograde for you. Bear in mind that when you block a planet you are blocking ALL of the effects of a planet, so this could work against you. Although sometimes blocking a planet temporarily may be appropriate usually a sigil designed to filter the negative effect may be a better way to handle a situation.” Via SprialNature

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