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November 22, 2017
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i feel like some folks need to hear this today: STAY TRUE TO BEING CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT

sometimes we shrink ourselves and don’t even realize it. sometimes we fail to realize our own paths. even I — one who many see as wild and free forgot why I’m here.

i’m so grateful to have my sis to remind me that I was riding a skateboard to grade school in the early 80’s — on the “Black side of town.”

i’m grateful for my mom and dad who always let me be me.
they saw me.

NEVER DIM YOUR SHINE FOR ANYONE because some of us are here to “plant seeds” and be #wayshowers. we’re often the one’s who never seem to fit in but can look back and see how some of the things we’ve done have influenced many of the things folks are doing today — when folks thought we were crazy when we did it.

it took my sister to remind me and 10 years to really be comfortable and confident enough to admit this.

we’re blueprints, not templates.
we make the most “mistakes”. because there is no template for what we’re here to do.

we don’t need to buy our paths nor have anyone tells us.
we just know.

we get confirmation about our knowing because doors seem to always be open for us.
some would call us lucky. but we KNOW what it is.

we let go, when people hang on.
we’ve been where people are going.

we know when we let go, more always finds a way in.
we’re somehow given exactly what we need.
we have to “work’ much less for the same things others work themselves to death to achieve.

society has pimped the word “humble” and convinced us that we need to deliver our message in a certain way. well, F that! cause i’ve watched too many of us (even myself) get stuck trying to figure out how to deliver a message to folks without it offending or sounding arrogant instead of saying what you have to say and trusting that those who need to hear it, will be receptive and those who feel some kind of way about your confidence are not ready — that’s not always your problem.

some of us have too much $hit to do (like taking risk — planting seeds) and can’t be tied down to the worries of how to best deliver a message. that’s not our path.

we’re not here to hold on to people, places, ideas or things. we’re here crack open doors, create portals, shake things up, test the waters (for those too afraid to jump first), etc.

we see patterns where others don’t.
we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and try something different.
we’re the chaos that breaks up energy and makes room for new.

people find us.
people call us in.
…when their “other” self is ready although the “masked” self doesn’t realize it.

for those who read this and understand what i’m saying, be comfortable in this. know that it may take 10 years to see some seeds you planted grow.

know who you are. know that you’ve been protected (even in your wildest adventures) for a reason.

stay true to being consistently inconsistent.
you’re the true “leaders” (remember that most folks are comfortable following what’s familiar.)
so keep cocreating your words and worlds. they’ll catch up.

not everyone will understand.

…and maybe it will take #10years.

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