Urban Soulcial

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What: Urban Soulcials are semi-private affairs that cater to an ultra-niche audience (with a cultural twist and an element of surprise). An Urban Soulcial is an avant-garde event that will revolutionize the way you connect, soulcialize, shop and play. We create one-off experiences in intimate settings. How: Urban Soulcial is an event boutique and created by Courtney Crosslin and is made possible by a hand selected group of partners in different cities who come together to make these distinct events possible. Why: For those looking to meet new people and try something new, Urban Soulcials are produced to excite your senses. We are here to help you uncover and experience new products, foods, services, adventure and entertainment. It’s time to get offline and start living – Join us to connect again! Click Here To Learn More

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