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To Whom It May Concern: You have been charged with a Hate Crime

October 15, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

You are receiving this letter because someone affiliated with your organization/movement work has been accused of a hate crime.

You are receiving this letter because it has been brought to our attention that you/your organization has aligned itself/endorsed someone who has been accused of a hate crime.


Unchecked, sexism, rape culture, gender violence, and patriarchy is costing us millions of dollars in money, time, resources, and emotions we don’t have.

If you’re willing to be arrested or die fighting white supremacy, oppression and all other ‘isms, are you willing to do the same for a Black woman who is fighting to live in a world where she is the least protected?


Unlike any other time in history, Black Liberation work (not limited to the major umbrella organizations, but all chapters, endorsers, individuals, etc.), has global recognition and major financial support (through grants, donations, individual contributions, and emotional labor). It seems that everyone wants a piece of the action (by any means necessary).

We understand and respect the necessity of decentralizing the work that’s being done, however with this ability to command these levels of engagement, there comes responsibility.

Each and every organization urgently needs to make it a priority to establish a code of ethics and a grievance process to ensure that those already marginalized, subjugated and silenced who answer your call to fight for the liberation of Black and Brown people are not further oppressed by unchecked patriarchy and misogyny. 

If we call out those who oppress us, it must be done on all fronts (within and outside our communities). 


We talk about it. We read about. We rant about it on social media. We’ve attended panels and lectures on the topic. We’ve wiped not only our own tears, but those of our Sisters who have felt the burning words, actions, dismissals, and silencing committed by those who knowingly and unknowingly commit these hate crimes. 

We’ve lost our voices trying to be heard. We’ve lost our confidence. We’ve lost our temper. We’ve moved from tribe to tribe in search of sanctuaries free from patriarchy with people who look like us. Collectively we’ve lost astronomical amounts of time and money when our words and works haven been stolen. 

We fight. We retreat. We try to heal. Some return broken and weary, but committed to the work.

We return to fight injustice with the men and women who commit the same crimes against us. 

Yet who fights for us, demanding the same justice and accountability we demand from the violence and oppression of white superiority?  


Depression. Mental Stability. Financial. Emotional Well-being. Trust. Unity. Suicide. Lives.



Our daily lives mirror the structure of the prison industrial complex so many of you work to dismantle. 


Accountability must start somewhere and that is with you.

As long as we ignore this issue, and Black women are treated as disposable human capital, unchecked misogyny and patriarchy in movement work will continue to grow as the strongest foundation of capitalism and oppression.

Universal Law will not grant us the freedoms we demand from others, when we’re not demanding the same of our own. No amount of legislature or resistance will force this.

It’s time we do what needs to be done, so that history does not repeat itself. It’s time to take a stand against these hate crimes of patriarchy and misogyny so that we can finally build a sustainable movement that not only protects Black women, but proactively holds abusers and perpetrators accountable, just as aggressively as we do structures of racism and oppression.

It starts with you.


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