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Your body will tell you (your path and purpose) – It’s your best guide

February 11, 2018
I’ve a large lump in the back of my neck.
It doesn’t bother me but makes folks uncomfortable.
It’s been there for at least ten years.
After I took my locks out, more folks noticed it.
Various responses:
– Ugh!
– Doesn’t that hurt?
– You should go and get that checked out. It might be cancer.
Funny Thing: It’s always adults. Kids never say anything.
{an aside: kids have taught me so much over the last couple of weeks. at this time they are full of messages if we’re able to let go of what we think we know and live with the excitement and curiosity of children}
The lump doesn’t bother me.
Part of me leaves it just to make folks uncomfortable– even the “body positive” folk.
I listen to my body often. I always have. This means I may have to say and do some things asked by Divine that others don’t understand nor like.

Folks like to project their shit (fears, lack of faith, etc.) onto us.

The other day I was talking with someone about how all my life I’ve been told I would “get fat.”
I’d have to listen to:
In my teens “wait till you’re in college, you’re gonna put on that college weight.”
In my college years, “You’re still slim? Just wait until you have a baby.”
After having my son, “Oh just wait until you hit 30!”
After 35, “You’re metabolism is gonna slow down once you hit 40!”
…and all of this — words from folks who love and know me personally– I can only imagine what those who don’t know me think…

My point is this: Get to know YOU! Our intuition is there to teach and protect us.

I’ve not had medical insurance in over 15 years. When I went out on my own, that’s the number one thing I heard — “But what are you going to do about insurance? Um, y’all are the one’s always talking about walking out on faith, so….
There are so many things and people in this world that are traps and we don’t even know it — nor do they.
Know YOUR path and purpose.
Your body will tell you and is your best guide.
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